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Second edition of Essential Data Tools utilities has been released!

12 August 2011

We are pleased to announce Essential Data Tools utilities package version 2.0. This product combines all the tools that were developed over the past years. Utility pack includes useful programs for deleted information recovery, data backup, secure data erase, reading data from damaged or unstable media, and deleting duplicate files thus saving extra space.

Second version of the Essential Data Tools became more holistic - all programs appear in the same style, increased stability and added extended functionality!

Download utility pack here:

Learn more about Essential Data Tools package:

Any Reader - Reading from scratched CD/DVDs, unreliable LAN (Wi-Fi), floppy/flash disks
Reading from any scratched disks
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All the options you may ever need, including custom compression.
Advanced Data Backup
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Repair corrupt or partially damaged ZIP rchives. Extract files from ZIP...
Repairing ZIParchive
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