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One Software's 7 Utilities Provide Solutions Every Computer User Needs

07 August 2009

When data is lost or damaged or if the user wants digital information to be neatly organized and well looked after, one program combining seven powerful utilities may provide the perfect solution.

Unexpectedly lost or damaged data files can pose a substantial problem for computer users. Much of the data stored on computers or in computer-related media is irreplaceable. Companies have reports, files, contact lists or other business-related information they cannot afford to lose. Individuals keep thousands of music files, photos, videos, messages and documents that they deem extremely valuable. Losing these files or having them damaged may seem like a disaster, but it doesn't have to be.

Essential Data Tools is a software program packed with features that can be used to prevent or fix the kind of problems described above. The program includes a data backup utility so that extra copies of these irreplaceable files can be stored safely, just in case. Data Recovery and Repair tools are also included. The Recovery tool allows users to retrieve lost files from hard drives, as well as from PDAs, MP3 players or digital cameras. Data Repair can fix corrupted files from broken downloads and other problems. With the Media Reading utility, Essential Data Tools can provide access to information stored on damaged CDs/DVDs or faulty floppy disks and can even pick up an interrupted download over a Wi-Fi network.

Additionally, the program improves overall computer performance with Duplicates Removal which finds and deals with extra copies of files on a user's system to free up more space. Data Wipe fully removes any remaining traces of deleted files and can obliterate entire partitions to ensure the user's privacy is protected.

About Object Rescue
The company has been creating data backup and recovery software since its formation in 1996. In recent years, Object Rescue has focused its software development efforts on data recovery from modern storage devices, such as flash cards. The company’s other well-known products, besides Essential Data Tools, include the xRescue Pro line of data recovery software.

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