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12 August 2011

Second edition of Essential Data Tools utilities has been released!

We are pleased to announce Essential Data Tools utilities package version 2.0. This product combines all the tools that were developed over the past years. Utility pack includes useful programs for deleted information recovery, data backup, secure data erase, reading data from damaged or unstable media, and deleting duplicate files thus saving extra space. Read More»

18 June 2010

Use Photo Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Photos

If you have accidentally lost precious photos of family vacations or anything else, you can use photo recovery software to give you the best chance of getting your lost photos back. Read More»

15 December 2009

Essential Data Tools release FileRescue 3.0 product line

Essential Data Tools have announced the release of an update to their advanced and user-friendly, feature-rich data recovery software line FileRescue. The new version 3.0 boasts an enhanced recovery engine, Windows 7 support, updated documentation, as well as fixes for a few minor bugs. Read More»

07 August 2009

One Software's 7 Utilities Provide Solutions Every Computer User Needs

When data is lost or damaged or if the user wants digital information to be neatly organized and well looked after, one program combining seven powerful utilities may provide the perfect solution. Read More»

22 July 2009

Easy Photo Recovery version 2.5 is out!

Updated Easy Photo Recovery version 2.5 has been released. Read More»

22 May 2009

New version of AnyReader, Blu-ray capable, with full support of multilingual Unicode characters

We bring you AnyReader3, the new release of our best-selling program for copying data off damaged media, including scratched laser disks, unreadable floppies and flash disks. Read More»

06 March 2008

Rejuvenation course completed for our well-known xRescue Pro range of products!

Following a prolonged period of trials and beta-testing, a brand new algorithm of data detection and recovery has now been implemented. Read More»

29 February 2008

New Easy Photo Recovery

A brand new version 2.0 of Easy Photo Recovery is out now. Read More»

01 February 2008

Dear customers and guests, we invite you to the brand new Object Rescue website!

Have a look at the new layout that we have been working on these last three months. Read More»

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