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Buy our products with OKPAY electronic cash!

15 April 2010

The company Essential Data Tools has started accepting OKPAY electronic money. From now on you can buy the company's products not only with a debit/credit card but also with e-cash.

OKPAY offers its clients a handy and reliable means of payment, as well as a possibility to easily exchange other types of e-currency and choose the most convenient way to pay for Essential Data Tools software products.

Making payments with OKPAY e-money makes business sense because the commission is minimal, only 0.5% (but no higher than a maximum of US$3.00). All transactions are instant and secure. When you use OKPAY, you do not disclose your personal and financial information. Besides, if you choose to pay with OKPAY e-money, we will give you an additional discount of 10%!

Buy Essential Data Tools products with OKPAY electronic money at a 10% discount!

To learn more about OKPAY electronic money, visit the official website - www.okpay.com.

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