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Retrieving Files from Damaged Media Made Easy

30 March 2010

Essentia Data Tools announces the release of AnyReader, a Windows tool to retrieve data from damaged, unreadable, and inaccessible media.

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Retrieving Files from Damaged Media Made Easy

Essentia Data Tools announces the release of AnyReader, a Windows tool to retrieve data from damaged, unreadable, and inaccessible media. Supporting a variety of media types such as CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, HD DVD, flash memory, floppy and hard disk media, AnyReader is irreplaceable when it comes to reading data from scratched CDs and DVDs or defective floppies and hard disks, and is handy when transferring massive amounts of information from one PC onto another.

About AnyReader

Scratched optical disks are a hassle in Windows. Attempting to read a damaged CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray disk can easily lock up a computer for a while without any guarantee of reading data successfully. Typical error messages may read "(Bad CRC)”, “A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) checksum error occurred", "Cannot read from the source file or disk", “Unknown error” or “Bad disk”.

AnyReader makes it possible to read unreadable files, retrieve data from physically damaged media, and recover information from inaccessible floppies and hard drives. Even copying massive amounts of information from one hard drive to another gets more reliable with AnyReader thanks to its built-in data integrity control methods.

Unique to AnyReader is the ability to recover a file by supplying two partially damaged or partially unreadable copies of the file. Thanks to the simple, step-by-step wizard-based user interface, AnyReader can be used by new and advanced computer users without any sort of a learning curve involved.

In addition to scratched CD/DVD, CD data recovery, DVD data recovery and high definition media (Blu-ray, HD-DVD), AnyReader is also handy when one needs to transfer large amounts of information over unreliable local networks, e.g. Wi-Fi networks with poor reception. Instead of risking an aborted file transfer, transferring files with AnyReader helps copy large amounts of data in a reliable way. No matter how many wireless packets are dropped, AnyReader will make as many re-transmission attempts as needed to correctly pass files from one computer to another.

Available for only $29.95, AnyReader is compatible with all modern versions of Windows from Windows XP and up to the latest Windows 7. The data recovery tool supports a variety of file systems, including all current revisions of CDFS, FAT, and NTFS. The available free demo version enables customers to recover up to 700 MB of data at no charge.

About Essentia Data Tools

Since 1996, Essentia Data Tools offers data recovery tools to customers worldwide. Combining sophisticated media access and data correction algorithms with simple, highly usable graphic interfaces, the company strives to deliver the latest data recovery technologies to the general public.

Evaluation version of AnyReader can be downloaded at:

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